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How to setup Google Analytics for blogging

New to the world of blogging? Setup Google Analytics for blogging and optimize your results. If you are wondering how Google Analytics helps, here is a brief description about the advantages of this essential tool and how to use it. Benefits of Google Analytics Google...

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6 compelling tips to optimize blog posts for SEO

Business related blogging is a big part of digital marketing these days.  So, a blogger must pay attention to ways in which a blog can be more search engine friendly. Here are six useful tips on how to optimize your blog. 1. Extensive Keyword Research When you create...

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12 Places to Look for Inspiration for Your Blog’s Topics

Starting a blog is a breeze these days thanks to the comprehensive guides available online. All you have to do is choose a blogging platform, domain name, host, theme, and your blog is ready! But to keep your blog’s audience engaged you need to publish interesting and...

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Should I start a podcast?

Podcasts are raging in popularity as a tool of an inbound marketing strategy. In fact, iTunes is currently flooded with over 50,000 podcasts. So is it a good idea for your business to start a podcast? There are some successful companies that take their podcasts to...

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Why Inbound Marketing Works – Webinar Sneak Peek

Many of you would have heard the buzz around inbound marketing by now, but have you taken some time to review it?  Inbound marketing is one of the most talked about strategies in digital marketing today, and for good reason - it works! But why does inbound marketing...

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11 Reasons to Outsource More of Your Marketing

Marketing means something different to everyone that hears the word, but all agree that it’s a big part of your brand.  With so many marketing activities integral to the success of your business, let’s explore why it might be more beneficial to outsource some of it...

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